Appeals Court: 1-Year Prison Verdict against Defendant Accused of Assaulting Officer in Dry Dock Prison

2017-01-07 - 11:46 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Supreme Court of Appeal upheld a 1-year prison verdict ruled against a 22-year-old defendant accused of physically assaulting a police officer in the Dry Dock preventive detention center.

The Court accused the defendant of "assaulting the member of the public security forces, during and became he was doing his job, causing him the injuries as described in the medical report."

Authorities had claimed that at around 8:00 pm (January 27, 2014), and while the ward officer was doing his routine check on cells in the Dry Dock detention center's solitary confinement, the defendant pulled the officer in his neck into his room. The authorities also claim that this started after the defendant discussed with the officer the charges he is convicted with, leading to his placement in these cells.

Moreover, the authorities said the medical report proved the officer was injured in his neck. Human Rights activists however, doubt the Interior Ministry claims, and human rights organizations challenge the charges raised against political detainees, saying Bahraini court lack just trial conditions in political cases.

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