Appeals Court to Issue its Verdict in Case of 57 Suspects Accused of Causing Jaw Prison's Incidents on Feb. 16

2016-12-08 - 11:15 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's high appeals court set February 16, 2017 as a date to issue its verdict in the case of 54 appellants of the 57 defendants accused of causing riots in Jaw prison on (March 10, 2015). The court had sentenced the suspects to 15 years in prison and bound them to pay 508187.970 BD.   

The authorities claim that the suspects committed riots and chaos in the prison. They did not obey the orders and instructions, kicked out the police from the wards and buildings and closed the gates using furniture.

However, the prisoners' narrative is totally different. They say that the security forces attacked the family of one of the prisoners and bet the prisoner himself, which led to protests inside the prison.

The security forces used violence to put an end to the protests inside the prison and violated human rights. The forces' actions were internationally condemned.

The authorities, however, did not convict any of the security forces accused of causing serious violations and instead of punishing their forces, they sentenced 57 detainees to 15 years in prison over Jaw prison's incidents.

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