Al Asalah Salafist Society Called on GCC to Consider Iran the Strategic Enemy

2016-12-08 - 5:55 am

Bahrain Mirror: The "Al Asalah Salafist Society" called on the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to consider Iran "The first strategic enemy of Islam, Arabs, and human civilization.

In a letter addressed to the GCC leaders (Tuesday December 6, 2016), which was published in the Royal Court-affiliated al-Watan Bahraini newspaper, the Salafist society said, "All definite evidence refer to that the struggle with Iran is a struggle of existence and fate, and it a struggle over identity, doctrine, and future."

"The energies of the nation in general, and the Gulf in particular should be guided, and the conscious Muslim nations should be mobilized in the face of the Iranian projects in the military, political, religious, and economic fields", the letter added.

Moreover, the society urged "the application of desires unity" between the Gulf countries in the military, political, economic and media fields, in order to confront what it called "The Iranian aggression".

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: Bahrain Mirror