35 Days Following his Kidnapping: Ombudsman Says it Met Sayed Alawi, Claims He is Suspended Pending Investigation over Terrorist Case

2016-11-28 - 9:44 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Ombudsman said that it looked into the complaint submitted by the wife of kidnapped Sayed Alawi, claiming that "it followed the professional procedural steps in this complaint with respect to investigating his place and conditions and guaranteeing his legal rights."

It added in its statement on Sunday (November 27, 2016), "it was revealed to the Ombudsman through coordinating with the competent parties that the said person was apprehended pursuant to the law of "protecting the society from terrorist acts" as his detention decision was issued from the Public Prosecution."

The Ombudsman further stated "the Ombudsman met the said person in his detention place and made sure he called his family. It also contacted the competent parties that said he will be allowed to be visited after the investigations are concluded. The Ombudsman also received some of the detainee's personal stuff and belongings to hand them to his family soon."

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: Bahrain Mirror
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