Local Newspaper: 14 Bahraini Children Denied Citizenships over Political-Related Reasons

2016-11-10 - 11:01 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wasat newspaper said that Bahrain prevented 14 Bahraini children from receiving citizenships over political reasons.

The newspaper explained that the children were denied citizenship, either because their fathers' citizenships were revoked or their fathers are in prison or outside the country for political reasons.

It added "8 children were prevented from receiving the Bahraini citizenship because their fathers' citizenships were revoked. The children are: Fatima Adnan Kamal Ahmad from Al-Muharraq, Zahraa Saber Al-Salatina from Al-Sanabis, Ali Hassan Sultan from Al-Malikiya, Rokaya Yousif Omran from Al-Hoora, Mohammad Jawad Mohammad Al-Tal from Tubli, Mariam Mousa Abedali from Al-Ekr, Mariam Ibrahim Ali Al-Aradi and Yousef Sayed Ahmad Al-Wadaei from Barbar."

"Meanwhile, 4 children haven't received their citizenships yet because their fathers are serving prison terms. The children are: Hadi Wafi Kamel Al-Majed, Hussein Mortada Abduljalil Al-Mokdad, Sara Ali Salman as well as the son of Sheikh Mohammad Habib Al-Mokdad," the newspaper further stated.

It concluded "Two children were denied citizenships because their fathers are outside Bahrain for political and security reasons. The children are: Fatima Jawad Abdullah Mohammad Hussein from Al-Markh and Ali Hussein Abdullah Abdulhassan Nouh from Noaim."

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