Bahrain Press Association: Bahrain Rejects Permit Renewals for 3 Journalists

2016-10-13 - 5:38 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahrain Press Association stated that Bahraini authorities refused to renew permits of 3 foreign agencies' journalists.

Through a post on its official Facebook page, the association clarified, "The Bahraini authorities refused to renew the permit for the France 24 and Monte Carlo radio correspondent in Bahrain, journalist Nazeeha Saeed." The association further noted that the authorities lifted the travel ban imposed on Saeed, who "is still out" of the country. 

Moreover, the Bahrain Press Association reported that the authorities also rejected the request of Associated Press (AP) photographer, Hassan Jamali, to renew his permit. Likewise, the permit renewal request by Agence France-Presse (AFP) photographer, Mohammad AlSkaikh, was also rejected.

The Bahraini authorities escalated the campaign against the opposition and Shiite majority in the past months, and adopted measures deemed the most extreme since the Saudi and Emirati forces entered Bahrain in March 2011 to crush the protesters demonstrating at the Pearl Roundabout.

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