Ongoing Campaign in Bahrain Scolds UN High Commissioner Zeid bin Raad for Forgetting his Arab Origins

2016-10-05 - 12:03 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): If you would like to get a good laugh, read the government newspapers in Bahrain. While the government is exposed and scolded in the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva and in the European Parliament, and its human rights violations are listed along with the failing states like Yemen and Syria, the government media chose to respond by reminding the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Prince Zeid bin Ra'ad, of his Arab origins. "You are an Arab, Jordanian, and Hashemite, and therefore you ought to hold a drum and march with us."

As simple as it is, they're saying: You should be with us in imprisoning our people, killing opposition members in prison, revoking their citizenships, and exiling them from the country!

This is a summary of what was circulated in the four government-affiliated newspapers since the High Commissioner urged Bahrain to implement the UN Human Rights Council recommendations. He reminded them of the disastrous outcome of their attempt to crush the people's voices throughout the past decade.

A writer, such as the editor in chief of the Bahraini "Gulf News" newspaper, Anwar Abdulrahman, has an accent that is a combination of weak Arabic mixed with Persian style and tone, while he writes his editorials in English, and waits for them to be translated into Arabic before publishing.

A writer like him is allowed to criticize the performance of the Jordanian Prince in anything linked to his management of the highest rights commission on the global level. He is allowed to extend and go beyond the limit. Except for his Arabic, since this is his "ultimate tangle"!

Yet in vain he choose the dark side that represents precisely what he lacks.

The only thing that shocked him is that Prince Zeid is an Arab. In the paper's editorial, he said, "What's surprising to us is that the current High Commission for the Human Rights Council is an Arab, and is a son of the sister Kingdom of Jordan." 

Abdul Rahman's "Itch", as expressed in the Bahraini dialect or Arabic, basically indicating a "state of madness in a man", with a little touch of irony, is not matched but with the "itch" of Saeed al-Hamad, the writer and head of the "opinion" column in the "al-Ayyam" newspaper, as he went out and beyond. 

While the first expressed his surprise to the fact that Prince Zeid is an Arab, the second completely made up his mind about it: The Prince this time now has Persian tendencies. On this level, al-Hamad says in his article that "Zeid bin Ra'ad' went with the wind of closed halls filled with incitement rhetoric against the Arab Gulf and its states, and filled with Persian smells that block the nose." He went on to remind him of the importance to restore his Arab loyalty hastily, "The loyalty to the Arabism, which Jordan represents the most significant of its parts, is more important and lasting for you than ephemeral positions."

While his loyalty still wavers between "Persians" and Western countries that gave him the position in "a soul-searching moment in which he lost his Arab and Jordanian being", al-Hamad now does not have anything to present to Prince Zeid put to invite him to read poetry: "You gave it out when you embraced it all, The Camel does not come to life like this at all." Al-Hamad said, "Remember this verse of poetry, and try to set it as an example, maybe you'd be able to take it easy Zeid."

Al-Hamad's itch does not stop here, he demands Prince Zeid to manage a UN international commission in accordance with the national consensus of Jordan and Bahrain.  This is as if the UN's 47-Member State Human Rights Council were a company that he inherited from his father. Al-Hamad wondered in his article, "How would you Zeid, divert from the national consensus n Jordan and Bahrain, and launch such statements?" Would these comments make you laugh or cry? Wait, here comes worse.

Religious cleric and member of the campaign "This is Bahrain" for government public relations, Salah al-Jowder, has a bomb argument that might cut Prince Zeid in two halves! What is it? He says in an article he published in the same article, "He is a member of the Hashemite Family that ruled Iraq before the military coup in 1958". You can see by going far how an "itch" is triggered and expanded. Now we have reached a lesson in history about the 50s of last century. Well, what does this call for?

Let us see what al-Jowder wrote, "Oh how a person is hurt when trying to talk about something close, who is trying to harm the Arab nation and ethnicity." As long as he is of Arab origins, so what is required; therefore, of him is to carry a rebec and play. It does not matter if al-Mamdouh abused or did well. Rest assured, al-Jowder has good news. He is very optimistic unlike the "salafist" nature of "Gulf News" and "al-Ayyam" editors of chief. He confirmed that Prince Zeid is the "closest to the Arab countries, and that his Arab nationalism is his most significant feature, and as much as he tries to get away from this affiliation, he cannot. He will eventually return to the Arab Nation's embrace." Currently, al-Jowder doubts Prince Zeid's sense of belonging, yet he is assure that the "stray son" will eventually come back. "The High commissioner Zeid bin al-Hussein is and will forever remain an Arab, and this international position is for him to assert righteousness." Thank God, he assured us! 

For its part, "al-Ayyam" newspaper counter explains this "itch" in its editorial. It will be artistic in diving in the depth of the human soul of Prince Zeid. It will open his heart up to know what keep him busy now, and what's on his mind. The newspaper said, "There doesn't seem to be other than the topic of Bahrain on the mind of the High Commissioner of Human Rights Zeid bin Ra'ad al-Hussein, out of everything happening in the world."

How did the newspaper know that? It doesn't matter, but it has its explanation, "It's clear that targeting Bahrain without reason is the price that Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein is paying for being in the position of High Commission for Human Rights." Thanks a lot, we know that now, we almost missed it.

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