Bahraini Association Against Normalization Condemns FM Remarks, Demands Gov’t to Dismiss Him

2016-10-02 - 3:00 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Association Against Normalization denounced the statements made by Bahraini Foreign Minister, Khalid bin Ahmad Al Khalifa, in his speech to the UN Human Rights Council, in which he explicitly says that he "wishes to see the Jewish state living in peace alongside a Palestinian state."

The association said that the minister represents himself and does not speak for the people of Bahrain. According to its statement, the association further stressed that the Bahraini people "support the liberation of Palestine, all of Palestine, until the last grain of sand," adding that "it does not support normalization with the enemy of the nation."

The Bahraini association condemned the FM for "expressing his condolences over the death of Zionist war criminal, who is directly responsible for the death of hundreds of Arabs. This is an action that comes contrary to the position adopted by the Bahraini and Arab people, from the ocean to the gulf."

After deeming the Bahraini Foreign Minister's stance "shameful and embarrassing", the anti-Normalization association demanded the issuing of a decision and clear measure by the Bahraini government to dismiss the FM from his position.

It also demanded that he be held accountable for his shameful pro-normalization statements that align with the interests of the main enemy of the Arab nation, and insult the Bahraini people who refuse [these stances] altogether.

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