Parliaments Third Session to Start on October 16

2016-09-11 - 8:57 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Ayam newspaper, which is owned by the King's Media Advisor Nabil Al-Hamr, said that the opening of the third session of the fourth legislative term will take place on Sunday October 16, after the legislative authority set the usual 5-month parliamentary leave, from the end of May 2016 to October.

The Parliament and the appointed Shura council's terms are four years, divided to four sessions; one session each year.

Several controversial legislations, decrees, agreements and bills were issued during the last session; among them was the decree related to the CEDAW agreement, the bill related to the political societies and separating religion from politics.

The Parliament and council start their first meeting with electing a vice-president. Then, the council office chooses a committee from the office's members to prepare an answer to the king's speech he delivers in the opening session.  


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: Bahrain Mirror