Jaw Prison Administration Forces Detainees to Pay for Medications and Repair of their Devices

2016-08-22 - 7:18 p

Bahrain Mirror: Human rights information revealed that Jaw Prison administration asked the political prisoners to buy the medications they need on their own expense due lack of budget, the families of the prisoners reported.

Member of Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) Enas Oun stressed on her Twitter account that the overcrowding problem has reemerged as the number of prisoners increased, indicating that some prisoners are sleeping on the ground due to lack of beds.

Oun said that she received information from the prison indicating that the prison's administration told the detainees to ask their families to provide them with medications and painkillers due to lack of budget. It also asked the detainees to collect the needed money in case they want to repair devices like television or air conditioner.

She highlighted that the prisoners "in the juvenile detention and building 4 in Jaw Prison" have launched a hunger strike due to maltreatment."

Enas Oun explained that these decisions prove that the government is abandoning its duties towards the detainees and adding more burdens on their families.

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