Yemeni Activist to Bahrain Mirror: Saudi Arabia Behind All Crises in Yemen, Bahrain and the Region

2016-08-21 - 4:52 am

Bahrain Mirror - Exclusive: "The International Conference in Support of the People of Yemen" carried on its first day of the two-day conference on Saturday (8 August, 2016) in London, with participants from all over the globe, who came to cover the story for media outlets, or to take part in the debate and recommendation panel.

Ahmed ِِAl-Moayyad, political analyst and commentator, and a member of one of the organizers, Sheba for Democracy and Human Rights, said that although their work on Yemen is still young, yet the people's interest on the matter is increasing, and so is the pace of work.

In an exclusive interview with Bahrain Mirror, Mr. al-Moayyad said, "The major reasons for what is happening in Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon are all linked to one another in terms of the conspiring party."

When asked to dwell on the Bahraini level, he indicated, "Bahrain is unfortunately the weakest in regards to this war in the region, launched by the regime in collaboration with Saudi Arabia".

On this level, he asserted that Saudi Arabia is the side that launched this crisis, in order to achieve political goals, and thus used sectarian methods to pave the way for its political demands. "This of course leaves a lot of future scars that would build up in communities. One should tackle politics with politics and not sectarianism, whose repercussions will not leave future generations in peace," the Sheba member added.

Regarding the conference, Mr. Moayyad stated, "The conference today is attended by a variety of journalists, human rights activists, politicians and lawyers. We wanted through this conference to break the silence and media blackout by the Saudi Arabia and its media outlets."

"The official Saudi outlets are not showing the reality of what is happening in Yemen with the Yemeni people, but it is rather promoting an image that is completely contradicting to reality in terms of politics. The media blackout is also apparent when it comes to the reality of the crimes occurring in Yemen. These crimes, military ones, are uncountable; the Saudi bombarding does not distinguish between military or civilian targets," he further told Bahrain Mirror.

Moreover, he stressed that Saudi Arabia is trying to occupy Yemen and impose its political ruling on it, and that is why it is trying to defeat the Yemeni people to bow for it.

Having said that, Mr. Moayyed clarified the situation by saying that "Saudi Arabia is dealing with Yemen exactly as the Israeli enemy is dealing with the Gaza Strip, through the blockade and media blackout, lack of sovereignty and dignity."

Concerning the hopes of this conference, Mr. Ahmad Al-Moayyad indicated that his organization, along with other organizers of the conference including Stop the War Coalition, Campaign against Arms Trade, Human Rights for Yemen, and Arwa for Monitoring Rights, hope that they would reach recommendations to be included in the closing statement of this conference.

He hoped all recommendations would be a base to build on actual movements and implementation in the future.


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