PHOTOS-International Conference in Support of People of Yemen Kicks off in London

2016-08-20 - 9:00 p

Bahrain Mirror - Exclusive Coverage: The International Conference in Support of the People of Yemen kicked off today on Saturday (August 20, 2016) with activists and journalists from Arab as well as other countries across the globe taking part to show solidarity with the Yemeni people against the Saudi-led aggression.

The two-day conference held at the Pullman Hotel, London, was organized by Stop the War Coalition, Sheba for Democracy and Human Rights.

It kicked off with a film prepared by the organizers, shedding light on the various aspects of the Saudi war on Yemen, highlighting the humanitarian and human rights crisis it is suffering from.

Among the speakers at the first segment of the conference was Member of Parliament Francie Maloy, from the Scottish National Party. His speech was entitled "Peace Process in Times of Conflict".

He recommended that building peace requires great determination from the people, praising the people's movement in Yemen. Also, he stressed on the importance of negotiations among the different spectrums of society, to help achieve their demands.

On the other hand, Chief of Staff of "Unite the Union", Andrew Murray, highlighted the economic issues of the situation in Yemen, Bahrain, and the Gulf as a whole. In his speech entitled, "The war and blockade on Yemen and its effect on trade", Mr. Murray said that the war on Yemen is a British war just as much as it is a Saudi war, clarifying that all the aircraft, bombs, and gadgets used in this war are British.

"The British support of the Saudi war on Yemen is not accidental, there are economic interests," Murray stressed. He noted that this war would help build the British financial and economic life, through taking advantage of cheap oil, and other economic and trade agreements.

Andrew Murray also referred to the situation in Bahrain, indicating that the situation there isn't any less severe than the situation in Yemen. On this level, he went on to blame the UK for promoting the repression of the regime in Bahrain against the people, especially in light of the recent development in the country.

Murray further stated that the aforementioned represents the "Mockery of UK's supposed support of democracy and human rights." He reiterated how shameful it is for the UK to claim combating terrorism, while they are supporting the Saudi and Bahraini regime in their aggressions against the people of Yemen and Bahrain.

The speaker asserted that all activists, politicians, and journalists must stand for democracy and help spread what is really taking place in those countries.

More to follow on Bahrain Mirror's exclusive coverage of "The International Conference in Support of the People of Yemen".








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