36 Clerics and Activists outside Bahrain: We Support Senior Clerics Statement

2016-07-20 - 10:05 p

Bahrain Mirror: 36 clerics and activists issued a statement in which they stressed their supporting stance to the statement of the senior Bahraini clerics regarding targeting the Shiite sect in Bahrain.

Clerics and activists stressed the importance of standing up to the targeting against Shiites in their existence and all beliefs.

Below is the statement:

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Proceeding from the religious, humanitarian and national duty, we, the undersigned, announce our supporting stance to the statement of the senior Bahraini clerics that the Shia component is being targeted in our very existence, identity, beliefs, rituals and [religious] duties, stressing the importance of standing up to this blatant targeting.


1.      Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi

2.      Sheikh Hassan Sultan

3.      Sheikh Mohammad Khojestah

4.      Sheikh Hussein Al-Akraf

5.      Sheikh Mohammad Jaafar Al-Damistani

6.      Sheikh Abdullah Al-Doqaq

7.      Sheikh Mohammad Ali Al-Tal

8.      Sheikh Ali Al-Karbabadi

9.      Sheikh Ahmad Nawwar

10.  Sheikh Saeed Al-Shahabi

11.  Sayyed Abbas Shobar

12.  Sayed Alawi Al-Biladi

13.  Ibrahim Al-Madhoun

14.  Ahmad Al-Motghawi

15.  Baqer Darwish

16.  Taimour Karimi

17.  Jalal Fairouz

18.  Jawad Fairouz

19.  Hassan Abdulnabi

20.  Hassan Kambar

21.  Hussein Yousif

22.  Abbas Abou Safwan

23.  Abbas Al-Jamri

24.  Abbas Al-Omran

25.  Abdulilah Al-Mahouzi

26.  Abdulghani Khanjar

27.  Ali Al-Fayez

28.  Ali Abdulimam

29.  Ali Mushaima'a

30.  Ghassan Khamis

31.  Dr. Masoud Jahromi

32.  Sayed Mohammad Baqer Alawi

33.  Mohammad Kazim Al-Shahabi

34.  Yaser Al-Sayegh

35.  Yehya Al-Hadid

36.  Yousif Al-Houri

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: Bahrain Mirror
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