Public Prosecution Releases 6 Shiite Clerics and 2 Eulogy Citers after Interrogating them

2016-06-26 - 3:12 am

Bahrain Mirror: Activists on social media said that the Public Prosecution released on Saturday (June 25, 2016) 6 Shiite clerics and 2 eulogy citers after interrogating them.

The Ministry of Interior summoned on Thursday (June 23, 2016) each of "Sheikh Mahmoud Al-A'ali from A'ali in the Northern Governorate, Sheikh Hamza Al-Dairi from Al-Dair in Al-Muharraq Governorate, Sheikh Fadhel Al-Zaki from Abu Saiba in the Northern Governorate, Sheikh Mounir Al-Maatouk from Al-Naim in the Capital Governorate, Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Safa from Sitra in the Capital Governorate and Sheikh Ali Rahma from Al-Naim in the Capital Governorate as well as the eulogy citers Mahdi Sahwan and Jaafar Al-Qashaami.

"A number of participants in an illegal assembly held in Diraz village were summoned for promoting disobedience of the law, threatening national security and peace, and referred to the Public Prosecution while legal procedures are underway," said the General-Director of the Northern Governorate Police.  

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