Hezbollah Condemns Sentence Issued against Sheikh Ali Salman

2016-06-01 - 8:53 p

Bahrain Mirror: Hezbollah condemned the ruling issued by a Bahraini Court, extending Sheikh Ali Salman's jail term from 4 to 9 years.

In a statement, Hezbollah said that the new ruling is a continuation to the Bahraini regime's policy of targeting clerics and the leaders of opinion, who have always resorted to the peaceful approach exclusively to demand their rights and seek to put an end to injustice, particularly Sheikh Salman who has always called for finding a peaceful solution for the crisis.

Hezbollah further called on international organizations, humanitarian institutions and all the oppressed and liberals in the world to reject the new and previous sentences and demand the release of Sheikh Salman. The Lebanese group added that this step would be the start to a long path, leading to a political solution which would restore Bahrain's stability.

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