BDF Stands Ready to Respond to Anyone Who Attacks Police Patrols

2016-04-19 - 11:17 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahrain Defence Force said that it stands ready to respond "to the terrorist groups that target security patrols and police officers".

BDF said in a statement on Monday (April 18, 2016) that "it is fully aware of such acts terrorism and criminal schemes against the stability and security of the Kingdom of Bahrain, led by the heads of sedition and evil who plot and incite with support from abroad, and carried out by criminal hands conspiring against the nation and citizens. They will all be brought to justice and the laws will be fully applied."

It stressed at the end of its statement that "the BDF stands ready to respond to the terrorist groups who target security patrols and police officers carrying out their duty to maintain security. The BDF is equally ready to deal firmly and with determination with these sedition groups and their heads."

The Bahraini Ministry of Interior announced on Saturday (April 16, 2016) that one of its members was killed after a security patrol was targeted with a Molotov cocktail in Karbabad.

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