Appeals Court Upholds 2-Year Prison Sentence Handed down to Sheikh Abdul Zahraa Al-Mubasher over "Inciting Hatred against the Regime"

2016-03-30 - 3:37 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Third High Criminal Appeals Court, presided over by judge Rashid bin Ahmad Al Khalifa with the memberships of judges Saber Jomaa and Bader Al-Abdullah and Mubarak Al-Anbar as secretariat, upheld the verdict issued against a Shiite cleric, Sheikh Abdul Zahraa Al-Mubasher, sentencing him to two years in prison over charges of inciting hatred against the regime and insulting  a figure (Muawiya bin Abi Sufyan) venerated by a certain sect.

After his arrest, Al-Mubasher (37 years old) said that he received a phone call from a person who represents the residents of Al-Nuwaidrat, asking him to attend a gathering during Ashura and deliver a religious sermon. He further stated that he prepared a purely religious speech and on the specified date, he delivered the exact speech, but when he saw how enthusiastic the audience was, he began to improvise, addressing a number of political issues.

Sheikh Al-Mubasher stressed that he urged the people attending the gathering to stage demonstrations and rallies, and said that he mentioned Muawiya to refer to a historical event, being aware that he is a figure revered by the followers of the Sunni sect. He also said that he supports the demand for establishing a republic with peaceful means.

The Public Prosecution accused Al-Sheikh Al-Mubasher of publicly inciting hatred and contempt against the system of governance on October 17, 2015, also promoting disobedience of the law, insulting a figure revered by a certain sect and called for unlicensed demonstrations and rallies. A court of first instance had sentenced him to two years in prison on December 10, 2015, which was later appealed against.

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