American Center for Int'l Labor Solidarity Official: GFBTU's Democracy Represents Hope for People in Region

2016-03-11 - 10:33 p

Bahrain Mirror: Nader Tadros, the Middle East and North Africa Regional Program Director at the American Center for International Labor Solidarity, stated that the third general conference of the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions (GFBTU) and the peaceful transfer of power in it represent "hope in the region", adding that "despite the difficult conditions the region is passing through, we see that the federation's administration has managed things wisely, insisted on democracy and given a chance to the unionists to choose a new leadership for them."

Talking about his perspective during the third general conference, Tadros said: "The conference was a great chance for me to see how democracy is represented in our Arab trade unions. I was attracted by the issue of power transfer, and how the federation's Secretary-General voluntarily stepped down and gave a chance to someone else. The leadership of the Secretary-General was great and it managed things wisely amid the difficult situation the Arab world is passing through. Despite these conditions, GFBTU insisted on exercising democracy and giving chance to other people to lead the federation."

He further explained that "the things going on in the federation resemble hope in the region as to the democratic transition. When people see workers electing a leader for them based on an election program and what the leader can do to the workers and see that there is a chance to bring accountable these leaders, this is a hope to the region in whole; it is a hope that democracy survives in our trade unions until it spreads all over the country."

"Through listening to the discussions in the conference about who has the right to stand for candidacy, one sees that these practices are democratic and clearly show that the federation truly belongs to the Bahraini workers rather than any other party," Tadros also stressed.

Regarding the cooperation between the American Center for International Labor Solidarity and the GFBTU, Nader Tadros said: "When we come to Bahrain and see this democratic example of the trade union work, we get a chance for contribution and cooperation. We are proud that we have been dealing with GFBTU since it was established. We now support broadening the membership in the federation and allowing the foreign workers to be a part of the trade union work. We also support the women's, youth and media role in this process."

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