Detainees in Dry Dock Prison: We’re Treated Like Animals

2016-02-20 - 10:35 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Detainees at Dry Dock Prison "pre-trial detention center" said on Thursday (February 18, 2016) that they are subjected to torture and are forced to imitate animal sounds, noting that the glass barrier makes them feel like they are in cages, during family visits.

The detainees stressed that they are subjected to torture when transferred to solitary confinement, "we are humiliated and insulted; we are forced to imitate animal sounds [...] We can't know what the names of officers or policemen who are torturing us are because they remove their name tags."

"They don't provide us with the simplest necessary medications. They also oblige us to sleep early and then raid our rooms in the middle of the night under the pretext of searching, so they would not allowing us to rest [...] All what is said about prison supervision is only government ads," the detainees stressed.

They further noted that there are prisoners who have been held for long periods of time without trials. There are also harsh sentences issued against youths under 18, highlighting that they request extending phone call hours until 7 P.M.

Regarding the glass barrier, the detainees said: "The barrier prevents us from sitting with our family normally and denies us a lot of our human rights; we feel as if we are in cages. What's the difference between us and the animals!"

They also demanded their right to visits on special occasions, and said: "They should allow our families to visit us on special occasions and holidays so that we can enjoy with them what the prison has deprived us of."

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