Bahraini Public Prosecution Accuses Cleric Sayed Majeed Al-Mashal of Insulting Countrys Constitutional System

2016-02-16 - 9:29 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Capital Governorate Chief Prosecutor Nawaf Al-Awadhi stated that the Public Prosecution received a report from Al-Khamees police station about a person's (Sayed Majeed Al-Mashal) participation in an unlicensed protest in Al-Musallah area on February 12, 2016, during which he delivered a speech that included what would constitute a series of offenses, as he insulting the current constitutional system in the country, and called for and participated in demonstrations, violating the provisions of the law.

The Public Prosecution launched an investigation into the incident, by listening to the speech mentioned in the report and interrogated the defendant in the presence of his lawyer about the content of his speech and his participation in an unlicensed protest. Al-Mashal, who is a well-known Shiite Bahraini cleric, was thus released in the meantime as the Public Prosecution will refer his case to the concerned court upon conclusion of investigations.

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: Bahrain Mirror