BDF Report: War on Yemen & Opening British Base among 2015 Achievements

2016-02-06 - 6:25 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) said that 2015 witnessed many achievements, shedding light on King Hamad's visits and the support of the Prime Minister and Crown Prince.

The Bahrain Defence Force stated in its annual report for 2015 that among its achievements were the opening of the Al-Hidd naval base and Al-Julai'a camp, the country's participation in the war on Yemen through the Royal Bahraini Air Force and frigate Sabha in addition to the opening of the British base in Salman port, highlighting that a number of soldiers were killed while taking part in the war on Yemen.

The BDF mentioned the participation of the King's sons, Nasser and Khalid, in the "Duty Force-One" in the war on Yemen, regarding this as another achievement by the Bahraini army.

In its detailed report, the BDF spoke of the commander's inspectorate visits to the military sites and camps, courses and training sessions, graduation of officers and the opening of departments in the King Hamad Hospital.

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: Bahrain Mirror