Parliament Committee Harshens Penalties: 7-Year Prison Term for Promoters of Protests under "Promoting Terrorism" Pretext

2016-02-03 - 12:42 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Foreign Affairs, Defence and National Security Parliamentary Committee recommended harshening the penalty issued against anyone "who, himself or through a print, promotes, praises, justifies or encourages any acts committed for a terrorist purpose while being aware, sentencing him to not more than 7 years in prison. The article before the proposed amendment stipulates that the prison term should not exceed five years."

The committee also called for amending Article 11 of Law 58/2006 so that this penalty would be issued against anyone who commits the aforementioned act.

Since the Bahraini authorities crushed the popular protests that erupted in 2011, they have been prosecuting protestors under the terrorism law, which led to severe sentences and long prison terms.

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