Bahraini Parliament Forms 5 Minor Committees to Confront Reports of HR Groups Documenting Violations

2016-01-22 - 12:40 am

Bahrain Mirror: The human rights committee in the Bahraini Parliament decided to form 5 separate units within the committee itself to divide and distribute human rights files that are full of violations documented by international human rights organizations in periodic reports.

Member of Parliament and head of the human rights committee, Nasser Al-Qaseer, said: "The committee discussed in its meeting a proposal to prepare an inclusive and national strategy that includes the needed mechanisms, measures and plans to deal with human rights reports issued about the Kingdom.

The committee decided to divide the files and distribute them among 5 separate units inside the committee itself, each has its own specialty in order to guarantee more accurate and specialized work and find fruitful, productive and more effective recommendations to be raised to the council soon."

International human rights organizations continue to document and condemn the massive violations exercised by the authorities against citizens since the eruption of the widespread pro-democracy protests in February 2011.

Bahrain was criticized by the world powers, human rights council, office of High Commissioner and UN Secretary-General for the "serious" and ongoing human rights violations committed when dealing with protestors

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