Al-Halwachi Demands Dry Dock Prison Authority to Apologize: I Was Insulted & My Personal Belongings Destroyed

2016-01-19 - 11:20 p

Bahrain Mirror: The European-Bahraini Organization for Human Rights (EBOHR) published a letter by political activist Khalil Al-Halwachi sent to the detention officer at the Dry Dock Prison, in which he asked for an apology for the insults he received from police officers in prison.

Al-Halwachi said that those who were conducting the search committed a series of violations and abuses: "During the search process carried out on Thursday night (January 14, 2016), I was purposefully provoked, my religious position was mocked, and my personal belongings were destroyed, then I was accused of ‘obstructing the search' just because I protested against these violations. I was tortured over this charge, taken out of the cell-block shortly before Evening prayers, prevented from praying in congregation and held in the office of prisoners affairs for four consecutive hours without having an Iftar dinner [to break my fast] since I was fasting."

Al-Halwachi asked the prison administration in his letter to "apologize for all what took place, vow that it wouldn't happen again, and compensate him for all what had been seized and destroyed."

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