AP: Bahrain Says Citizenship of 5 Revoked Over Spying for Iran

2015-11-06 - 7:21 p

Bahrain Mirror (AP): Bahrain says five people convicted of terror charges and spying for Iran have had their citizenship revoked in the tiny island kingdom.

The official Bahrain News Agency quoted Ahmed al-Hammadi, the country's general advocate for terror crime prosecutions, announcing the court's decision. The report said the five planned terror attacks and received weapons training, as well as had links to Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard.

The report Thursday did not name the five convicted, but said they had regular access to defense lawyers and could appeal the sentence. It said three were convicted in absentia. It said the two in custody received life sentences.

Bahrain long has accused Iran of stirring up dissent among its Shiite majority against the island's Sunni rulers.

Bahrain is home to the U.S. 5th Fleet.

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