Al-Wefaq: Regimes Act of Taking Down Ashura Banners by Force Reflects Systematic Policy & Gap between Govt. and People

2015-10-21 - 10:52 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society condemned the Bahraini authorities for taking down Ashura banners by force in a number of villages and towns across Bahrain, deeming this act "a violation of religious rituals and freedoms, insistence on targeting a faction of the Islamic society and harassment over religious belief, which is a blatant violation of the constitution, law and international treaties and conventions and doesn't agree with the empty slogans that the authorities use in their propaganda inside and outside Bahrain on tolerance and religious freedoms."

In its statement issued on Tuesday (October 20, 2015), Al-Wefaq stressed that "citizens in Bahrain have been commemorating Ashura and practicing Ashura rituals in the first 10 days of Muharram and other occasions since hundreds of years to express their grief over the Prophet's grandson Imam Hussein (pbuh). Taking down Ashura flags and banners in this insulting manner and by excessive force as shown in a number of videos is pitiful and reflects a systematic policy."

Al-Wefaq called on the authorities "to work on protecting these rituals and all Bahraini citizens who have been living in peace and harmony since hundreds of years instead of illegally attacking these rituals. It's best that the authorities exert their efforts into providing protection and security to thwart real threats that our country is facing from terrorists."

Al-Wefaq further stated that "targeting Al-Hamla and Damestan a few days ago and a mosque in Al-Diraz before that reveals that there are parties that must be confronted and that efforts must be dedicated to protecting this country from all threats," adding that "taking down Ashura banners in a number of areas across Bahrain everyday is pitiful and reflects the size of the gap between the authorities and the people."

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