Bahraini Information Minister Denies Buying Iron Dome from Israel: We'll Buy It from the US

2015-10-16 - 8:30 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Information Minister Isa Abdulrahman Al-Hammadi declared that the GCC wants to buy the Israeli "anti-missile defence system" known as the "Iron Dome," but from the United States not Israel.

Al-Hammadi denied having "any talks with the Israelis which the channel tried to imply," referring to what the US Fox News channel reported.

"What this channel reported about the Iron Dome wasn't true. The Foreign Ministry has contacted the channel to correct what it had reported and wrongly attributed to the Foreign Minister," he added, stressing that "the GCC is in negotiations with the United States over the missile defence system."

It is noteworthy that Sky News and Fox News reported that Gulf states wants to buy the developed anti-missile system, Iron Dome, from Israel through American contractors.

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