Health of Hunger-Striking Detainees in Dry Dock Prison Deteriorates

2015-10-13 - 7:50 p

Bahrain Mirror: Detainee Khalil Al-Halwachi stressed that the health of the prisoners who went on a hunger strike in ward 10 in the Dry Dock Detention Center started to deteriorate, holding the authorities accountable, according to a number of tweets by the European Bahraini Organization for Human Rights member Ahmed Al-Saffar.

Al-Halwachi said that he has been on a hunger strike since Wednesday, pointing out that his health began to deteriorate and that he started to experience stroke-like symptoms.

He further stated that the health of detainee Hassan Edriss (from Al-Qurayyah) started deteriorating and that the sugar level in his blood reached 2, stressing that the prison's administration did not take the detainees' demands into consideration and holding it responsible for their health conditions.

"Khalil Al-Halwachi continuously suffers from stroke symptoms. He was not admitted to the hospital. He is old and can't withstand an delay in treatment," Al-Saffar said, holding the Dry Dock's administration responsible for the deteriorating health of Al-Halwachi and all the prisoners.

He called on the officials to meet the prisoners' needs by improving their conditions and allowing them to exercise religious rituals, especially since Ashura is approaching.

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