Bahraini Appeals Court: 10 & 15 Year Jail Terms Handed Down to Suspects Accused of Blowing up ATMs in Sitra & Sanad

2015-10-08 - 1:03 am

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini court of cassations upheld in a hearing on Monday (October 5, 2015) the 10 and 15-year jail terms handed down to two suspects accused of blowing up ATMs.

The supreme court of appeals upheld a 15-year jail term issued against the first and fifth suspects in the case, 15-year jail term and a 200,000 BD fine for the second suspect and a 10-year jail term and 100,000 BD fine for the third, while acquitting the fourth suspect of the charges brought against him.

The authorities claimed that the suspects blew up 2 ATMs in Sitra and Sanad, adding that this group received instructions from "people residing in Iran" and that the second and third suspects received financial support to fund this group. The authorities also stated that the second suspect traveled to Iran to receive training on manufacturing bombs and then trained the fourth and fifth suspects, provided them with money to buy materials and devices and also bought them mobile phones that were used in the bomb blasts.

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