AMF: Bahraini Economy Likely to be Affected by Fuel Prices Fluctuations

2015-09-19 - 1:05 am

Bahrain Mirror: A report entitled "Horizons of the Arab Economy" issued by Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) said that the Bahraini economy is expected to become affected in 2015 and 2016 by the fluctuations of global fuel prices.

The report stated that the price fluctuations will lead to a decrease in fuel exports and thus in governmental spending as well due to adopting conservative policies concerning the public expenditure to maintain financial discipline.

The report added that the fuel sector has deteriorated by 6% on a yearly basis during the last quarter of the year. The average production of Abu Safah field reached about 154 thousand barrels per day during 2014 at a rate of 102.4% of field production capacity. Meanwhile, the production of Bahrain's land oil field reached 48.8 thousand barrels per day.

The fuel production in Bahrain is expected to record levels in 2015 similar to that attained in 2014.

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