Washington on Dismantling Al-Wefaq: We Haven’t Seen Those Reports

2015-09-14 - 9:23 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The US State Department once again evaded disconcerting questions asked by journalists with regards to Bahrain, the country that hosts the US fifth fleet and holds strategic and military significance to Washington.

The State Department Spokesperson John Kirby stated that the KIngdom of Bahrain has taken steps to improve their human rights record, explaining that it was reason why Washington lifted the ban on arms sales to the Ministry of Defense.

During a press briefing held in the State Department building in Washington (September 10, 2015), Kirby answered a question about Bahrain regarding the dismantling of the opposition group, Al-Wefaq Society, referring to the decision to suspend Al-Wefaq's activity for 3 months on which the verdict is set to be announced on September 20.

Kirby said that he hasn't seen those reports, and added: "I think we've been very clear about what we'd like to see continue in Bahrain in terms of necessary political reforms. As you know, we freed up some additional aid for the Ministry of Defense because Bahrain has taken steps to improve their human rights record."

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