Detainee Hassan Kadhems Family Demands his Release So Hed Take Care of his Disabled Brother

2015-09-02 - 1:41 am

Bahrain Mirror: Family of detainee Hassan Mohamed Kadhem (16 years old) called on the "competent authorities to release him, since he is the only one capable of taking care of his older disabled brother."

Hassan's mother said: "My detained son has always given me helped me take care of his disabled brother (18 years old), especially that my handicapped son needs care and help at all times, feeding him, changing his clothes and other aspects of his daily life. I can't trust anyone outside the family to do these duties."

According to Al-Wasat newspaper, she explained that "security forces raided our house on July 13, 2015 to arrest my son Hassan, who wasn't home at that time. He was at his grandparents' house. On the following day, we decided to turn him into the Criminal Investigation Department. We assumed that they will question him and then let him go. We did not know that he will be detained."

Hassan's mother called on the "competent authorities to look with an eye of compassion and humanity at the situation of our family that needs someone to help bear the responsibility of caring for our disabled son, especially after the authorities arrested his younger brother who used to take care of him."

She pointed out that "Hassan had an ambition to pursue his studies. The scholastic year will soon start and if he stays in prison, all the years he studied hard for will be lost and he won't be able to help his disabled brother who is in need of him."

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: Bahrain Mirror