Electricity subsidies Lifted from 248,000 Users & 229.6 Million BD Uncollected Electricity Bills

2015-08-10 - 9:57 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Bilad newspaper, owned by the Prime Minister's son Ali bin Khalifa, said that it had received official documents showing the government's intention to lift subsidies from 248 thousand electricity users from various industrial, investment, residential and commercial institutions, and pointing out that the authorities only kept the subsidies on 198 thousand users, who are domestic consumers only.

The Al-Bilad added that the uncollected electricity bills that have not been paid to the moment reached 229.6 million BD until December 2014, adding that the indirect governmental subsidies on the purchase of electricity from the private sector has reached 651 million BD for the two fiscal years 2015-2016.

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