Trial of Opposition Activist Majeed Milad Adjourned Until Sept. 13 While He Remains in Custody

2015-08-07 - 12:23 am

Bahrain Mirror: A Bahraini court rejected on Tuesday (August 4, 2015) the request to release the opposition figure, Majeed Milad, and adjourned his trial to September 13 while he remains in custody over the charge of inciting disobedience of the law.

Milad's defence panel requested his release, asked for a copy of the CD related to the incident and listening to the testimonies of the prosecution witnesses. The court; however, denied the request to release him.

The Public Prosecution stated that the fourth lower criminal court was held its hearing on Tuesday (August 4, 2015) and looked into the case of a person who participated in a public event and openly incited disobedience of the law and noncompliance with legal restrictions. Accompanied by his lawyer, the defendant appeared before the court and presented his plea and requests.

Meanwhile, the Public Prosecution's representative requested that the indictment be filed against the accused stressing on the prosecution's probative evidence that convict the accused over the crime he committed.

The Public Prosecution announced that it had launched an investigation into the report filed by the Capital Governorate Police Directorate about a person who participated in a public event in which he incited, publicly, disobedience of the law, especially with respect to organizing protests and not complying with the legal restrictions. The prosecution questioned the defendant in the presence of his lawyer, confronted him with the expressions he used in his recorded speech and ordered that he remains in custody pending investigations after charging him with publicly inciting disobedience of the law. Milad was then referred to the criminal court.

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