Farida Gholam: Ebrahim Sharif Transferred to Al-Qalaa Hospital Because of His Teeth

2015-07-27 - 8:35 p

Bahrain Mirror: Member of the central committee of the National Democratic Action Society - (Wa'ad) and wife of detained prominent leader Ebrahim Sharif, Farida Gholam, said that Sharif "called from the Al-Muharraq Police Station at seven pm (July 18, 2015). His voice was weak. He said he was held in solitary confinement, and complained of unbearable cold, adding that they didn't solve this issue despite his multiple requests, as each employee throws this task to another one without any consideration."

"The extreme cold environment that Sharif described is not exaggerated and continues for 24 hours. He couldn't sleep because his body was shivering for more than an hour yesterday. To be more precise and objective, Sharif said that the delivery service of belongings is efficient, as he received the items we sent him on the same day," Gholam added.

"As Sharif said he was admitted to Al-Qalaa Hospital because of his teeth, but the cold conditions he is suffering form for 24 hours is a different issue, for this complaint has been disregarded," Gholam further stated.

"Another issue that upset us as a family was the circumstances of our meeting with him which took place on Thursday (July 16, 2015) inside the investigations building and not the detention center as we expected. For in the center there is no television as in Jaw Prison. He was not allowed to receive Al-Wasat newspaper and to go outside and walk in the yard. It was a dreadful solitary confinement." She also assured that the "meeting was video and audio recorded the entire time which is a complete violation of privacy."

Gholam also stated in a tweet she posted on her personal account: "I received news that the police station took the necessary measures and apologized for the negligence of some employees but we still need Ebrahim Sharif to confirm this."

It is noteworthy that the authorities arrested Sharif three weeks after his release over a speech he delivered during the funeral ceremony of martyr Husam Al-Hadad in Al-Muharraq. According to his lawyer, the Public Prosecution ordered on July 13, 2015 the arrest of Sharif pending investigation over charges of inciting violence against the regime and promoting to change the regime by force.

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