Reform & Rehabilitation Center Denies Neglecting Al-Aradi's Medical Condition: We are Fulfilling our Legal Duty

2015-07-09 - 6:51 p

Bahrain Mirror: The administration of Bahrain's Reform and Rehabilitation center stated that the medical record of detainee Mahmoud Al-Aradi "indicated that he has visited specialized doctors at Al-Salmaniya Medical Complex 9 times since the onset of this year (2015) to date."

The department confirmed that "the detainee was taken on Monday (June 6, 2015) to the center's clinic and it was revealed after preliminary examination that he does not suffer from a serious eye disease. However, in order to be more certain, the center transferred him to the ER in al-Salmaniya Complex to undergo the necessary procedures and be examined by an ophthalmologist in order to provide the administration of the reform and rehabilitation center with a medical report about his medical condition."

The Center stressed that "it fulfills its legal duty towards all detainees and that the procedures are based on the rule of law with respect to human rights standards," calling on the media "to commit to professionalism, credibility and accuracy and not publish information subjectively."

The family of detainee Mahmoud Al-Aradi expressed their deep concern about their son's health and the possibility of him going blind, due to medical negligence, confirming that he suffers from severe dry eye syndrome, which led to the loss of his eyelashes.

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