Bahraini Detainee suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, Deliberately Prevented from Receiving the Required Treatment

2015-05-01 - 11:03 p

Bahrain Mirror: The family of the detainee Mohammad Faraj (20 years), who suffers from "Multiple Sclerosis", expressed its' concern over him being deliberately prevented from receiving the required treatment, according to official medical reports, due to the negligence of Jaw Central Detention's administration.

The family also expressed their concern over "the noncompliance of the prison's administration with the medical instructions regarding their son's rare and dangerous situation," bearing the prison's administration full responsibility.

"Their son's health situation requires continuous medical examination, especially before and after giving him the therapy for his advanced stage of illness," said Faraj's family.

Faraj was sentenced to 7 years in prison over cases of political background. Meanwhile his family assures that he, along with the rest of the sick detainees, is dying every day due to the slow murder committed by the prison's administration against them.

It is to mention that the multiple sclerosis is a rare disease that infects the nervous system, leading sometimes to complete paralysis.

A Bahraini court has already sentenced Faraj to 10 years in prison. However, it later commuted the sentence on appeal to 7 years over the charge of "assembly and arson".

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