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Jaw Prisoners Raise Chants of Takbir after Hearing News of their Fellow Inmate Hussein Khalil Al-Ramram's Martyrdom Due to Medical Negligence

Prisoners in Jaw Central Prison (photo from archive)
Prisoners in Jaw Central Prison (photo from archive)

2024-03-26 - 9:31 p

Bahrain Mirror: Prisoners held in the Jaw Central Prison raised chants of Takbir (i.e. Allah is Great!) from their cells after the announcement of the martyrdom of political prisoner Hussein Khalil Al-Ramram, as a result of medical negligence, and his emergency health condition during a football game activity.

It was announced late Monday evening, March 25, 2024, about the martyrdom of Khalil (32 years old), who had been imprisoned since May 25, 2017, on political grounds and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Quickly, the Ministry of Interior commented, in a statement, on the news of Al-Ramram's martyrdom, implicitly admitting that the martyr had a medical record.

The ministry stated, "Khalil (Al-Ramram) fainted while playing football with his fellow prisoners as part of the sports activity organized by the Rehabilitation and Reform Center."

The late Al-Ramram had appealed, in an audio recording during the same month, to the relevant authorities to provide medical treatment, but the prison administration continued to deliberately neglect his medical needs until he passed away after 24 days of his plea, to no avail.

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