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Al-Wefaq: The Bahraini Government Still Ignores Reconstruction of 11 Mosques Demolished in 2011

Al-Barbaghi Mosque demolished by the Bahraini government in 2011
Al-Barbaghi Mosque demolished by the Bahraini government in 2011

2024-03-19 - 4:07 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq Society stated that the Bahraini government continues to ignore 11 mosques in various areas after they were demolished by the military during the infamous state of emergency in 2011.

In a post on the formerly Twitter "X" platform on Sunday, March 17, 2024, the Society criticized the recent promotion by the government of the opening of several mosques and the renovation of others in different areas of Bahrain, without clarifying that many of these mosques were built at the expense of the locals and faced numerous obstacles, including delays in obtaining building permits and electricity connections imposed by the laws of the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs.

The Society drew attention to how "the media campaign to open a number of mosques and renovate others coincides with the approach of the 13th anniversary of the demolition of 38 Bahraini mosques, including 11 that have not been rebuilt yet," and pointed out the locals' suspicion about the government's seriousness in resolving this issue while promoting itself as the official sponsor of endowments and mosques.

Al-Wefaq criticized "the Bahraini government's obstruction of registering dozens of Shiite endowment land plots, whose old documents and established ownership in the registry of Sayed Adnan al-Mousawi it does not recognize, in an attempt to convert many of them into private projects," reiterating the demand of senior scholars to "stop this abuse."

Al-Wefaq went on to say that "the government has not clarified to the local public any new measures on this matter, amid growing popular concerns about targeting Shiite Jaafari endowments as part of a larger sectarian project."

It is worth mentioning that the 11 mosques ignored by the government are: Al-Alawiyat Mosque and Al-Marawehna Mosque in Zinj, Sheikh Musa Mosque in Al-Hajar, Imam Mazar Mosque in Dar Kulaib, Imam Hussein Mosque in Salmabad, Abu Dhar Mosque in Karbabad, Al-Ubaid Al-Saleh Mosque and Ben Shamlan Mosque in Al-Berhama, Al-Faslah Mosque in A'ali, Al-Zahraa Mosque in Zayed Town, and Abu Dhar Al-Ghafari Mosque in Nuwaidrat.

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