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Jaw Prisoners Return Meals in Protest against Violations of "Striking is Our Right" Agreement

Jaw Prison inmates (Archival)
Jaw Prison inmates (Archival)

2024-03-07 - 2:51 p

Bahrain Mirror: Inmates in Building 9 of Bahrain's Jaw Central Prison returned iftar meals on Wednesday (March 6th, 2024), in protest against what they described as violations of the "Striking is Our Right" agreements by the officer in charge of the building.

The prisoners emphasized that the officer imposed what they termed "new penalties," including reducing the duration of sunlight exposure to just one hour and limiting participation in congregational prayers without justification.

It is worth noting that the Bahraini government prohibits special UN rapporteurs from visiting the country's prisons for fear of condemnation of the ongoing violations against prisoners since 2011.

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