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"International Scholarly Forum for Palestine" Coordinator: Bahraini People Proved Support for Palestinian Cause When Many Nations Faltered

Sheikh Abdullah Katamto
Sheikh Abdullah Katamto

2024-03-09 - 3:57 p

Bahrain Mirror: Sheikh Abdullah Katamto, coordinator of the "International Scholarly Forum for Palestine," hailed "the steadfast people of Bahrain, who have carried the banner of Palestine with a pure heart and fervor and a sincere commitment to defending the oppressed Palestinian people".

During a recorded segment on the sidelines of a recent conference held in Beirut to support Gaza, Sheikh Katamto affirmed that "the people of Bahrain have demonstrated, at a time when many nations have retreated and faltered, their unwavering support for the Palestinian cause." He stated, "This is what we have witnessed with many Bahraini figures whom we have met."

He expressed gratitude to "the scholars who have instilled this understanding in the collective consciousness of Bahrain, which has stood up against everything they have been subjected to by its internal and external authorities, foremost among them Sheikh Ali Salman, the Secretary-General of the Al-Wefaq Society, who we met long ago before he endured what he faces today." He added, "In him, we see a true embodiment of Prophet Muhammad's (peace be upon him) way in his life."


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