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Prisoner Mohammad Abdul Amir Suffers from Convulsions, Falls to Ground as Jaw Prison Denies Him Treatment

Prisoner of Conscience Mohammad Abdul Amir (From Archives)
Prisoner of Conscience Mohammad Abdul Amir (From Archives)

2024-02-02 - 4:09 p

Bahrain Mirror: Prisoner of Conscience Mohammad Abdul Amir's health has deteriorated due to the negligence of the administration of Jaw Central Prison, which has refused to provide him with medication.

The family of prisoner Abdul Amir, who is sentenced to 15 years in prison, confirmed that their son suffers from several illnesses, notably "irritable bowel syndrome," and experiences frequent spasms throughout the day, causing him to fall to the ground, as a result of torture and mistreatment during his detention.

The family stressed that the administration of Jaw Prison ignores their son's treatment and does not provide him with medication as recommended by the doctor, stating: "There is no benefit in pleading with the prison administration."

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