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Qatari Foreign Affairs Ministry: Work Underway to Open Embassies with Bahrain

2023-06-22 - 5:01 p

Bahrain Mirror: Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman Majed bin Mohammed Al-Ansari announced that work is underway to open embassies with Bahrain in implementation of the statement of the "Al-Ula Summit", held on December 5, 2022 in the Saudi Al-Ula city.

The spokesman said efforts are underway "to open the embassies between the two countries, especially after the resumption of flights between them with six flights per day."

He noted that the Qatari-Bahraini Follow-up Committee held its third meeting in Doha a week ago, saying that "this meeting is a continuation of its previous (committee) meetings," according to the Bahraini Al-Ayyam newspaper.

"All these moves come within the implementation of what the leaders reached at the Al-Ula summit meeting in Saudi Arabia on the restoration of relations," Al-Ansari said. 

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