Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa: 20 Years of Silly Scenarios

2023-06-16 - 10:05 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Bahrain's Interior Minister Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa took office nearly 20 years ago as part of changes the king wanted to curb the influence of his uncle, late Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa.

Rashid bin Abdullah, who was appointed in May 2004, was a successor similar to his predecessor, Mohammad bin Khalifa Al Khalifa. His appointment has never been in the context of reforming the security apparatuses, but rather was another chess piece on a chessboard.

A man of the state security period with all its state terrorism has gone, and another has come to proceed in the systemic approach of violence that the ruling family has never abandoned.

Nothing has ever changed in the Ministry of Interior's way in dealing with the political aspirations of the people of Bahrain. The same fabricated security situations and accusations and the same mechanisms of torture and killings remain to take place, but the only variable is the absurdity of the scenarios that the minister and those around him were making up.

During Rashid bin Abdullah's 20 years in office, the minister claimed to reveal armed cells more than those found in areas of armed conflict around the world.

Among the cells he revealed was training strongholds in Bani Jamra in 2007, one of his most ridiculous propaganda, as his ministry broadcast a video from inside 3 donkey and sheep pens and chicken coops that it claimed were a combat training center.

Since then, his propaganda has continued to allegedly expose weapons depots and training camps in a country that has never seen an exchange of fire, but rather one-sided shootings, led by Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa.

The death toll of demonstrators during the tenure of the Minister in Bahrain's modern history amounts to dozens, as the Interior Ministry has killed demonstrators by firing at them, let alone those who died under torture or due to it.

We can go back to the BICI report to learn about the types of crimes and abuses led by the man in confronting protests, which Bahrain witnessed in 2011 and its aftermath.

In addition to extrajudicial killings and torture, the report recorded violations such as attacks on women, home thefts, and the sale of stolen goods at auctions organized by the Ministry of Interior.

What the report revealed was enough to overthrow the entire government, not only the minister, nonetheless, King Hamad bin Isa did not take any action against him, as he is his hand with which he beats anyone who opposes his family's policies.

His calls from Washington for "eradication" came in the same context the ruling establishment chose to deal with its opponents, as there is no dialogue, civil rights, or political rights, but one right; the right to use force.

The ruling family will maintain this right and abolish all rights as long as there is an opposition that seeks to put an end to its monopolization of power and wealth, as it has never been about fighting terrorism, which has rather always been promoted.

The terrorism front in Bahrain is known, it is the front led by Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, who has never hesitated to kill, torture and execute citizens to please those who appointed him.

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