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Jaw Prison Detainees: Continuing to Deprive Sheikh Mirza of his Rights and Meeting His Son will Lead to Uproar

2023-06-14 - 12:28 p

Bahrain Mirror: Detainees in Jaw Central Prison expressed their full solidarity with the detained leading figure, Sheikh Mirza Al-Mahrous, who is on hunger strike in protest against being prevented from meeting his son, who is detained in the same prison, and being deprived of his human rights.

The detainees stressed, in a joint statement, that depriving "Sheikh Al-Mahrous of his most basic human and legal rights reflects the administration's policy of recklessness and negligence to fulfill the rights of prisoners, figures and youths." 

They warned that "insisting on this policy, the accumulating pressure, frustration and problems in the prison will only lead to uproar," and stressed that "the environment inside the prison is fully prepared for this."

While calling on the officials to "enable Sheikh Al-Mahrous to meet his son and stop this destructive recklessness," they warned them that they "bear full responsibility for what will happen."

The prison administration has repeatedly prevented Sheikh Al-Mahrous from meeting his son and cancelled his medical appointments scheduled for the past few months. 

Al-Mahrous is one of the prominent opposition leaders who was arrested in March and April 2011 for his activism in the widespread protests that erupted in the country in February 2011 demanding democratic transition and end of Al Khalifa monopoly.

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