A Step Towards Army Leadership, King Promotes Nasser to "Lieutenant General"

2023-05-08 - 9:23 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of Bahrain issued a decision promoting his son Nasser to lieutenant general, granting him a senior military rank in Bahrain. This only paints a clearer picture, further displaying Nasser's ascension project with his father's support, opening all fields for him to lead the scene in the country to reach the highest positions.

The obvious truth is that Nasser is approaching the leadership of the army, given the old age of the Field Marshal and his many mistakes and failures, as well as the king's lack of need for him at this stage. The king's fourth son, Nasser bin Hamad, just 35 years old, now holds the fourth highest military rank in Bahrain, as the king and crown prince and Khalifa bin Ahmed hold the Field Marshal rank. Only Nasser's uncle, Mohammed bin Isa, commander of the Royal Guard, is ahead of him in his new military rank, as Mohammed is a "General". It is to note that Nasser's new position is equivalent to that of the Chief of Staff in the Bahraini army, Theyab bin Saqr Al-Nuaimi, who holds the rank of "Lieutenant General".

According to Decree Law No. 32 of the Bahrain Defense Force issued in 2002, the military ranks of officers in the army are as follows: lieutenant- first lieutenant - captain - major - lieutenant colonel - colonel - brigadier general - general - lieutenant general - marshal.

Nasser bin Hamad basically has several high military positions, he is the National Security Advisor, Secretary General of the Supreme Defense Council and Commander of the Royal Guard, in addition to controlling the management of the Oil and Gas Holding Company. This decision to promote him comes as a clear demonstration of his ascension project, after the number of positions he previously obtained, he assumed sensitive and influential positions in the country, becoming a figure with clear influence and wide-range authority.

The king attended the promotion ceremony. He went out of his palace in a procession headed for the army headquarters. Three of the King's sons: Abdullah, Nasser, and Khalid, in addition to the Minister of the Royal Court, the Commander of the Army, Field Marshal Khalifa bin Ahmed, Chief of Staff Theyab bin Saqr Al Nuaimi, and the  Royal Protocols Chief Khalifa Al-Fadala who also holds the major general rank attended the ceremony.

Al-Fadala read a short-written speech in which he gave justifications and reasons for Nasser's promotion, and praised him for his efforts in serving the country in the military field, highlighting his distinguished and major military achievements and his development and enhancement of defense and military capabilities, also underlining his contributions in the noble humanitarian and relief fields, describing him as a person who extends a helping hand to brothers and friends, and cares for youths, athletes and supports orphans.

The speech was not limited to what was said about his military achievements, but also included his "distinguished efforts in serving his country in the fields of economic security," as Nasser is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Oil and Gas Holding Company in Bahrain.  He is the deputy president of the Supreme Authority of the Royal Fund for Martyrs of Duty. 

After the speech, Nasser saluted his father, who presented him with the medal of promotion to the rank of lieutenant general, becoming the third man to hold this rank.

The new promotion frankly means the continuation of the political project in the rise of Nasser bin Hamad, in preparation for him to be the man on top of the ladder of the political system, and perhaps preparing him to be the new commander of the Bahrain Defense Force, which is now led by the old Field Marshal.

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