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Wife of Death Row Inmate Mohammad Ramadan: Jaw Prison Authorities Chained Crucifixion Style

2023-05-25 - 4:40 p

Bahrain Mirror: Zainab Ibrahim, wife of death row political detainee Mohammad Ramadan, confirmed that the Jaw Prison authorities took her husband to a room in Building No. 6 in the prison and chained him in crucifixion style, after prison guards assaulted him and the political detainees who are sentenced to death on Sunday (May 14, 2023).

Zainab Ibrahim explained in a series of tweets that she knew about the chaining of her husband when he called her while she was at the Al-Houra police station on Monday, saying: "The forensic doctor examined my husband and documented the injuries that resulted from his chaining," adding that "blood clots were clear in his leg".

She stressed that "Surveillance cameras in the building documented the incident (the attack)," noting that her husband "met with the Special Investigations Unit and the Public Prosecution and told them all the details, but refused to meet with the Ombudsman."

"Throughout that period and until the day he called, we, as a family, were living a nightmare and in a state of anxiety. We are waiting for the investigation results."

Mohammad Ramadan and the death row political detainees sustained serious injuries and burns as a result of being beaten by the prison guards.

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