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Iran: We Met Twice with Bahraini Government, Result Appropriate to Restore Relations

2023-04-15 - 12:39 p

Bahrain Mirror: Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani confirmed that "the agreement with Saudi Arabia has positively affected Iran's relationship with Bahrain."

Kanaani said, at a press conference in Tehran: "We have met twice with the Bahraini government, and the result is appropriate for the restoration of relations with Bahrain," explaining that "two Iranian delegations have lately visited Bahrain; one of them is technical to inspect the embassy, and was positively received by the Bahraini side."

He added that the other delegation was parliamentary, which visited Bahrain to participate in the IPU meetings. The delegation had the chance to meet with Bahraini officials as well.

On March 11, 2023, Bahraini Parliament Speaker Ahmed Al-Musallam received head of the delegation of the Shura Council of Iran Mojtaba Rezakha, who visisted Manama to take part in the 146 IPU meetings. The two officials discussed "cooperation and joint coordination in international parliamentary forums," according to Bahrain News Agency.

Saudi Arabia and Iran announced reaching an agreement between them, on Friday, March 10, 2023, to restore diplomatic relations between the two countries with the mediation of China, which sponsored the talks.

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