Jamal Fakhro, Spokesman of Authorities that Violate Rights of Bahrainis

2023-04-11 - 6:17 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): First Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council Jamal Fakhro warned the government against increased hiring of Bahrainis, saying that he has noticed an increase in the pace of government employment. It's unbelievable that under Bahrain's disputed constitution, this person is considered a representative of the people. 

How can such a statement go unnoticed? Such a statement is a blatant insult to the Bahraini people and youths.

Let Fakhro tell us why the government should be wary of employing Bahraini youths? Is the reason economical? If so, then why didn't he warn about the fact that there are more than 7,000 foreigners working in the government sector? There are 6,000 foreigners working in the ministries of health and education, and 1,200 foreigners working in other civilian ministries, and of course he will not dare to warn against employing foreigners in the ministries of defense and interior, which are full of non-Bahrainis.

Why is Fakhro not worried about the number of foreign workers in the private sector, which according to figures from the Labour Market Regulatory Authority amount to 597,465.

According to the labor market indicators for the second quarter of 2022, the percentage is 78% foreigners and 22% Bahrainis, meaning that with every 8 jobs for foreigners, there are only 2 jobs for Bahrainis.

We recall a statement made by Abdulrahman Fakhro, Jamal Fakhro's brother, who replied when asked about the priority of employing Bahrainis: "This is a wrong policy, forcing the employment of Bahrainis only to comply with the Bahrainization rates imposed on the employer is rejected and does not work. Our problem is Bahrainization." His rudeness appears again by saying, "Foreign employees are not more competent than Bahrainis, but they are more committed to work and keener to perform their work perfectly with full adherence to work schedules, and thus they are more productive."

This business environment is closest to that of the authorities, for they are explicitly against the Bahrainization of jobs, and falsely testify that Bahrainis do not deserve to work, and that they are laggards, unqualified, unproductive, non-committed, and do not get work done. It is an environment that dares without a care in tje world to publicly promote the exclusion of Bahrainis from the labor market, and distrust them.

The statement of the First Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council should not go unnoticed, as citizens must know the truth of the strange and abnormal stance of the government of Bahrain towards its own people and youths. The government does not trust its people, and people like Jamal Fakhro are only spokesmen and defenders of the authorities; if they forget or are affected by pressure, people like Fakhro rudely come to warn them of the dangers of employing the people of Bahrain.

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