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Bahraini Delegation to Visit Iran as Part of Diplomatic Efforts to Strengthen Relations

2023-03-29 - 12:46 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Iranian "Tasnim" news agency said that a Bahraini delegation will visit Iran as part of the current diplomatic efforts to strengthen relations between the two countries.

This came three days after informed Bahraini sources told the Russian "Sputnik" news agency that a delegation from the Iranian Foreign Ministry visited the Kingdom of Bahrain during the last period.

The sources pointed out that "the Iranian delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs visited the Iranian embassy building, in a visit prior to the second visit with the Iranian parliamentary delegation, which participated in the General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Bahrain, on March 12 (2023)."

On March 12, 2023, Bahraini Parliament Speaker Ahmed Al-Musallam and head of the delegation of the Shura Council of Iran Mojtaba Rezakha discussed "cooperation and joint coordination in international parliamentary forums," according to Bahrain News Agency.

A member of the Iranian delegation, Iranian MP Elham Azad, revealed that Bahrain requested the reopening of the Iranian embassy in Manama "as soon as possible".

This also came almost two weeks after Saudi Arabia and Iran announced reaching an agreement between them, on Friday, March 10, 2023, to restore diplomatic relations between the two countries with the mediation of China, which sponsored the talks.

It is to mention that on January 4, 2016, Bahrain severed diplomatic relations with Iran and asked its diplomats to leave Manama less than 24 hours after Saudi Arabia took a similar measure.

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